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Part of what we want to do in the North Texas Wine Country is to help you get to know our wineries and winemakers. My first interview for you is with Joe Anselmo of Carmela Winery,

Q: Joe, what inspired you to go into winemaking?

A: In my previous life I was a Banker. In 1988 Our Bank participated in a loan to the Nickel Brothers for the purchase of Far Niente Winery in Oakville, California. I got to see the inner workings of the Winery and the financials. I have always considered myself a vinophile and coupled with my Italian heritage I was drawn to the Wine World.

Q: Did you have a winemaking mentor, if so, would you tell us about him/her?

A: In August of 2000, my wife Patrice and I were visiting Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine for their annual Grape Stomp. The proprietor, Jerry Delaney gave me about one hundred pounds of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and juice from the Texas High Plains. That evening I had my wife and youngest daughter Kate stomping grapes in 32-gallon rubber trash cans. That was the best Cab I have ever made. The next year I took Jerry a bottle of the Cab. He put it in his “private stash” and we opened it the following year. He was very gracious, complimentary and encouraging.

Q:Have you had any “oops” moments during your early days of winemaking? Please, do tell!

A: Early on I failed to pump the lid on about twenty-five gallons of Chardonnay. I discovered my mistake about two weeks later. It had oxidized and I had to get permission from TABC to dump it down the drain.

Q:What do you feel has been your greatest achievement as a winemaker?

A: My greatest achievement has been getting to where I am. This is not an easy business...but if it was more people would do it.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give a new winemaker?

A: My advice is the same that I got from Jerry Delaney….”If you want to make a small fortune in the wine business….start with a large one”.

What's New in North Texas Wine Country?

We added four wineries to our membership so we are up to 25 now! Here's our current list with the new wineries in purple:

›Arché Winery & Vineyard, St. Jo

›Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard, Saint Jo

›Carmela Winery, Celina

›Cassaro Winery, Ovilla

›Caudalie Crest Winery, Celina

›Checkered Past Winery, Dallas

›Cooley Bay Winery, Van Alstyne

Cork House Winery, Waxahachie

›Eden Hill Vineyard, Celina

FarmResort Winery, Whitewright

›Firelight Vineyards, Valley View

Fitzel Winery, Gordonville

›Fortunata Winery, Aubrey

›4R Ranch Winery, Muenster

›Grayson Hills Winery, Whitewright

›Homestead Winery, Denison

›Landon Winery, Greenville

›Landon Winery, McKinney

›Landon Winery, Wylie

›Landon Winery, at The Sound

›Lone Star Wine Cellars, McKinney

›Marker Cellars Family Winery, Alvord

›OG Cellars, Sunset

TF Vineyard & Winery

›Triple “R” Ranch & Winery, Whitesboro

From our wineries:

Marker Cellars Winery is very excited to announce the release of two varietals: The 2018 Chenin Blanc and the new vintage of Run for the Rose’.

Chenin Blanc:

A light refreshing crisp white wine from the high plains, with hints of berries and melon. This wine offers its own natural sweetness, a perfect summer time wine.

Pairings: stir fry, Asian cuisine mildly spice dishes, sharp cheese and fruits

Run for the Rose’:

A dry blend of 90% Chenin Blanc and 10% Primitivo grapes. This blend offers flavors of blackberry and cherry with a light mouth feel.

Pairings: light meals, fruit, gouda, English cheddar

4R Ranch Vineyards & Winery in Muenster, Texas was recently honored at the 2019 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Our Nectar Nero won Best Dessert Wine in North America! This competition is the oldest and most prestigious in the United States. 4R Ranch is the only Texas winery to ever win a Sweepstakes Award in the history of the competition, which began in 1982.

Visit us and grab a glass of refreshing Nectar Nero while taking in the spectacular views of the North Texas Hill Country!

Also in the news from this months Lone Star International Wine Competition:

Arche' Winery Precedence 2017 "International" "Other White Wines" Bronze

Rose' 2018 "Texas" "Non-Varietal Rose' " Bronze

Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard won "Texas" "Best-in-Category" for their 2017 Syrah

Tempranillo 2016 "Texas" "Tempranillo" Bronze

Sun Kissed "Texas" "Non-Varietal Rose' " Bronze

Sangiovese 2018 "Texas" "Sangiovese" Bronze

Trinity Dry White Blend 2017 "Texas" "Proprietary Blends" Bronze

Table One Red Blend 2017 "Texas" "Proprietary Blends" Bronze

Cher Ami "Texas" "Proprietary Blends" Bronze

Syrah 2017 Texas Syrah Gold

Viognier 2017 Texas Viognier Silver

2 Muscateers 2015 Texas Sparkling Wines Silver

Viognier 2018 Texas Viognier Silver

Cassaro Terroso 2017 "Texas" "Tempranillo" Bronze

Breve 2016 "Texas" "Albarino" Bronze

Caudalie Crest Winery Ray's Red 2017 "Texas" "Cabernet Sauvignon" Bronze

Red Caress 2017 "Texas" Other Red Wines Bronze

Cork House Winery Shiraz 2017 "Limited Production" "Syrah" Bronze

Twisted Sisters- Chardonnay Blend 2018 "Limited Production" "Chardonnay" Bronze

Eden Hill Vineyard Albarino 50% ~ Viognier 50% 2017 "Texas" "Proprietary Blends" Bronze Divine Red 2017 "Limited Production" "Proprietary Blends" Bronze

Tempranillo 2017 "Limited Production" "Tempranillo" Bronze

Garden Red "Texas" "Proprietary Blends" Bronze

Tempranillo 2017 "Texas" "Tempranillo" Bronze

Wine=C2 2017 "Texas" "Proprietary Blends" Bronze

Divine Red 2017 Texas Proprietary Blends Silver

Tempranillo~Cabernet 2017 Texas Proprietary Blends Silver

4R Ranch Winery won the Grand Star Award for their 2017 Red Wine "Label"

Miscellany "Reserve" 2016 "International" "Proprietary Blends" Bronze

Nectar Nero 2017 "Texas" "Dessert" Bronze

Dolcetto 2017 "Texas" "Other Red Wines" Bronze

Viognier "Estate" 2017 "Texas" "Viognier" Bronze

Lenoir Grenache "Hoof und Hund" 2017 "Texas" "Black Spanish/ Lenoir" Bronze

Nectar Nero 2017 International Dessert Silver

Homestead Winery Ivanhoe Knights "Texas" "Other Red Wines" Bronze

Bois D'Arc Red, Texas Other Red Wines Silver

Landon Winery won in the "International" "Best-in-Category" for their 2018, Viognier 2017 Pinot Noir and their 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon all out of the High Plains AVA.

Tempranillo Reserve 2017 "International" "Tempranillo" Bronze

Orange Muscat, Dry T 2017 "International" "Muscat Blanc" Bronze

Meritage 2017 "International" "Proprietary Blends" Bronze

Orange Muscat, Sweet 2017 "Texas" "Dessert" Bronze

Viognier 2018 International Viognier Gold

Pinot Noir 2017 International Pinot Noir Gold

Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 International Cabernet Sauvignon Gold

Dolce Fine 2018 International Dessert Silver

Orange Muscat, Sweet 2017 International Dessert Silver

Merlot 2017 International Merlot Silver

Merlot 2017 Texas Merlot Silver

Tempranillo Reserve 2017 Texas Tempranillo Silver

Viognier 2018 International Viognier Silver

Orange Muscat, Dry 2017 Texas Muscat Blanc Silver

Riesling 2017 Texas Riesling Silver

Riesling 2017 International Riesling Silver

Dolce Fine 2018 Texas Dessert Silver

Don't miss it!

Blind Wine Tasting Event

Let your senses unmask your favorite flavors at this North Texas Wine Country walk-around wine tasting event July 14 from 1-4PM at the Addison Conference Center in Addison Texas. That's right! Our wineries will be under one air conditioned roof. We added more wineries and wine in June and continue to add more each month. Come taste something NEW!

Stay for the Winemakers reception that follows from 3-6PM where the winners will be announced, and more fun continues with the Winemakers and Winery Owners of North Texas Wine Country LIVE music and nibbles. Get early bird tickets through June 30, or while supplies last, for just $60. July 1st ticket prices go up to $75, if they are still available.

Get your tickets HERE

And the winner is...

At our Spring Wine Trail that was held 10 days, over three weekends, with 18+ wineries, we challenged our attendees to visit all 18+ wineries. About 10% of you accepted the challenge and turned in your completed passport. At our June Board of Directors meeting we had our drawing and Sarah B. of McKinney won the 4 tickets to Drink North Texas Blind Wine Tasting Competition. Congratulations Sarah B!

Wine Pouring Stars

Our first meeting for our North Texas Wine Pouring Stars was fabulous! Thanks to everyone who came out. Almost all signed up to be our Pouring Stars! Our next meeting is July 11 at Fortunata Winery in Aubrey. For more information click HERE.

It's a GREAT day in North Texas Wine Country!

Pour a Texas Star in Your Glass

Darlene Leiker

Executive Director

North Texas Wine Country

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