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July in North Texas Wine Country

With the current COVID situation we realize that we didn't get to finish our Spring Wine Trail so please know that we will add 2 weeks to our Wine Trail as soon as we can. Watch our Facebook, IG and newsletter for those dates. We can't wait to see you out on the trail again! Who knows, maybe by then there will be even more wines on the menu to taste.

Our wineries will be continue to sell by the bottle, host virtual tastings and more. Texas allows for wineries to sell direct to consumers. No middleman needed. So when you are running low on juice (aka wine) you can go directly to the source.

The best way to buy is through Wine Clubs. Not only do you get a great price (discount) on wines but there are other perks as well. Ask your favorite winery what they offer or visit their website listed below.

Each winery offers different options. I love getting what I call "Happy Mail" when a winery sends me an email saying it's time to pick up I need an excuse...but it does bring joy to my life. Maybe it has to do with the "Member Only Pick Up Party". Maybe it's the "Cheers" experience where everyone knows your name. Whatever it is, Wine Clubs are fun and the ability to purchase "Wine Club Only" wines is the best reason yet. Some "Library Wines" are only available to Wine Club Members. When a winery starts to run out of a certain popular wine, it sometimes becomes a Library Wine or Wine Club Only wine. PERK. SCORE. HAPPY MAIL. Who said wine won't make you happy?

When you purchase from local wineries you are supporting local family-run businesses. By doing this you are keeping the money local, helping our farmers/grape growers to stay in business and keep their employees working. We want them to be open at the end of this pandemic as well as the grocery stores. Most of our member wineries do not sell to distributors so you cannot find their wines at the grocery stores. There are a few exceptions but even those wines, when purchased, help keep the wineries in business.

Here's the list of our wineries and a link to their webpage.

Arche’ Winery & Vineyard

Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard

Carmela Winery

Cassaro Winery Caudalie Crest Winery & Vineyard

Checkered Past Winery

Cooley Bay Winery

Cork House Winery Eden Hill Winery & Vineyard


Fitzel Winery

Firelight Winery & Vineyard

Fortunata Winery & Vineyard

4R Ranch Vineyard & Winery

Hidden Hangar Vineyard & Winery

Homestead Winery Denison

Landon Winery

Lone Star Wine Cellars

Lost Oak Winery

Marker Cellars

OG Cellars

Sugar Ridge Winery Sanger

TF Vineyard & Winery

Triple R Ranch


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Thanks to our Sponsors in 2020:

Stay safe and live well.

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