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It's Texas Wine Month

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

We are celebrating Texas Wines with our October Wine Trail that includes 26 wineries serving you 3 tastes each. That's 78 tastes for only $39.99! There are two weeks left to travel and taste North Texas Wine Country. Sponsored by the North Texas Winery Association. Tickets available through our website only at

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Are you familiar with our North Texas Wine Country Wine Pouring Stars?

The Pouring Stars is a volunteer group created for the North Texas Wine Country. Our mission is threefold: 1. To provide knowledgeable and personable volunteers to work at events and wineries where a better than average knowledge of our wineries is expected. 2. To act as Ambassadors for the NTWC, and the Texas wine industry. 3. To educate our members in the areas of wine, wine production and grape farming in North Texas.

We provide volunteers for approximately 4 events annually in North Texas. These major events are under the sponsorship of the North Texas Winery Association. We have 10 meetings per year plus training sessions for our events. The meetings have an informational component, as well as updates on upcoming volunteer events. We meet at a winery, taste and learn about their wine, and meet the winemakers.

Membership requirements are:

1) to attend a minimum 5 meetings per year plus training sessions for events you plan to serve at,

2) volunteer a minimum of 8 hours per year, and

3) obtain & maintain Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) seller certification and Food Handler Certification.

Dues are $40 per year.

Our next meeting is:

November 3 at 2:30

Firelight Vineyard and Winery


Guests may attend one time free.

The North Texas Wine Country current list of wineries:

Arche' Winery & Vineyard

Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyard

Carmela Winery

Cassaro Winery & Vineyard

Caudalie Crest Winery & Vineyard

Checkered Past Winery

Cooley Bay Winery

Cork House Winery

Eden Hill Winery& Vineyard

FarmResort Winery

Firelight Vineyard & Winery

Fitzel Winery & Vineyard

Fortunata Winery & Vineyard

4R Ranch Winery & Vineyard

Homestead Winery Denison

Landon Winery Greenville

Landon Winery McKinney

Landon Winery at The Sound

Landon Winery Wylie

Lone Star Wine Cellars

Lost Oak Winery & Vineyard

Marker Cellars

OG Cellars

Sugar Ridge Winery Sanger

TF Vineyard & Winery


For more information and links to our wineries visit

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