Industry Partners

Our Industry Partners are businesses we use within our association. Each Partner listed has two Sponsors from our member wineries which serves as a "reference" before they are accepted as an Industry Partner. Businesses reapply each year to ensure that quality and integrity remain constant. 

Industry Partner


Wine Pouring Stars

The North Texas Wine Pouring Stars are our wine servers and ambassadors for North Texas Wine Country. The Pouring Stars are dedicated to the promotion, support and serving the North Texas Wine Country. As a Pouring Star you will not only get to pour at our events but get the inside scoop on new wines and new wineries, you get to attend our Tasteful Meetings, Educational Events and Pouring Stars Special Events. 


The requirements to be a Wine Pouring Star are:


  • have TABC Certification (send copy to the Executive Director) some cities may also require a Food Handlers Permit so you can get both cheap online at TABContheFly . Each takes about 2 hours to complete each.

  • be 21 years old or older

  • attend 5 almost monthly Tasteful Meetings per year (days of week vary)

  • volunteer a minimum of 8 hours per year at NTWA events

  • have a valid Texas Driver’s License

  • $40/year fee



  • Pre-Announcement of events

  • 10 almost Monthly Training and Wine Tasting with Appetizers

  • Free NTWC bottle opener to keep and use at events

  • NTWC apron to wear at events

  • Special Events and Wine Trail tours just for our NTWPS!

  • Monthly emails related to NTWA and our Wine Pouring Stars

  • Swag offered at events worked, where offered

  • And more that we haven’t even thought of yet.