2021 Member's Calendar

2021 Events

March 8: Annual Meeting & Q1 Marketing Forum

March 1-31: BudBreak Wine Trail

May 1-31: Spring Wine Trail

May 11: Q2 Marketing Forum

August 10: Q3  Marketing Forum

September 11: Tv Munson Wine Stroll

October 1-31: Texas Wine Month Wine Trail

October 23: Windsong Ranch Wine & Music Festival

November 6: 3rd Annual Drink North Texas

November 9: Q4 Marketing Forum

November 13: Celina Craft & Cork Festival

November 20: Waxahachie Wine Walk

2021 Board Meetings

January 12 @ Marker Cellars

February 23: Annual Meeting and Elections

March 8: Blue Ostrich Winery in Saint Jo

April 13 via Zoom

May 11 at Carmela w/Q2 Marketing Forum

June 8 via Zoom

July 13 via Zoom

August 10 w/Q3  Marketing Forum

September 14 via Zoom

October 12 via Zoom

November 9 w/Q4 Marketing Forum

December 14 via Zoom

2021 Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board: Bob Landon
President: Presley Davies
President Elect: Shari Richter
Secretary: Nicole Roper
Treasurer: Becky Ross Dunphy
Board Members 2021-2022:
Meredith Eaton
Grayson Davies
Nicole Roper
Margaret Lange
James Hanger