The Full Story


I am proposing an update to the Drink North Texas Logo.

Once selected, we will have the original source files, stationary layout, social media kit and vector files to use on the DNT website and all promotional materials. The cost for this was $90 plus tax and will qualify to be reimbursable through the Go Texan grant.


Today's Logo - Option 1

The previous logo is cluttered and confusing. It does not convey to the Prospective Event Attendee a clear theme. In preparing for our upcoming event, we will be doing a variety of online and print advertising. We want our DNT logo to grab people's attention and quickly convey (in a glance) what the event (and we) are all about.

Vision - Option 2

The logo uses the NTWC logo color scheme. The font is more minimalistic and modern. Rather than a bottle in the logo, it utilizes a wine glass, just like the existing NWTC logo. There is a nod to Texas culture with the cowboy hat at a slant with the NTWC star. Very simply, you know it's promoting Wine in North Texas.


Vision - Option 3

This logo uses a color scheme that is more luxe and is meant to convey upscale and posh. Both the spotlight and the star/compass on the State of Texas show exactly where North Texas Wine Country is located. The compass points North, clarifying that we are not West Texas, nor Central Texas Wine. The font is modern, appealing to the more urban side of DFW. The wine glass image is used to tie into the current NTWC logo and imaging. One can immediately understand this is about Wine in North Texas.